Aims and objectives

Shinai is a grass-roots organisation that supports indigenous peoples in the rainforests of South East Peru (who are) dealing with the rapid social and environmental changes associated with their first direct interactions with national society. We also work to safeguard the interests of those currently avoiding any such interaction.

We aim to ensure that these peoples have the space and security to negotiate these changes in their own time and on their own terms. Through capacity building we will help them to make informed and independent decisions about their future without undermining the opportunity of future generations to retain the values, language and environment of their people.

Aims and objectives

  1. Aspire for the recognition and respect of these peoples rights by the Peruvian state in accordance with international standards, exemplified at their minimum in the UN Draft Declaration on Indigenous Rights, by:
  2. Build the capacity of the communities we work with to:


  3. Help these peoples gain secure tenure over the lands and resources fundamental to: by:
  4. Ensure that the Peruvian state recognises and acts upon its responsibility to protect the short-term well-being of these people by: This responsibility includes:
  5. Challenge prevailing attitudes and behaviour which lead to the discrimination and disempowerment of indigenous peoples by:
  6. Ensure that the people we work with have a say in decisions, policies and developments that affect them both directly and indirectly by: