“Shinai” means to think about, remember or love in Nahua, the language of the Nahua people of South Eastern Peru.

We do not forget the people whose food, houses, hammocks, tears and laughter we have shared. As the Nahua would say, no ato shinai, we remember them, we love them. Our name reflects our emphasis on living with the peoples with whom we work to build a deeper understanding of their points of view and the relations of intimacy, memory, concern and compassion that this creates. Our work is not simply a job nor an ideology, we care and worry about our friends in their villages just as they worry about their own families when they are in Lima.

Our office: Islas Canarias Mz. J-6 Lt 20, Los Cedros de Villa, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru. Telephone: +51 1 254 6775 or +51 1 9299 8215


Shinai was formally set up as a Peruvian not for profit organisation in early 2003 after three years of work by a small group of students to investigate and raise awareness of the problems and issues faced by the Nahua and other indigenous peoples living in South Eastern Peru.

Who we work with

Shinai works with indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon, focusing on the most isolated communities in the Amazon headwaters where human rights abuses frequently go unreported. Learn more about where we work and the people we work with.


Our vision is that the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon have control over their territories and natural resources and access to appropriate services from the State; that they are able make informed and independent decisions about their futures; and that the State and all other organizations and institutions respect their decisions, rights and ways of life. Aims and objectives.

How we work

Shinai works to document and disseminate information about rights violations, to build the capacity of the communities and their federations to better defend their rights themselves and reduce their dependence onexternal institutions and to campaign for reforms that better respect indigenous peoples’ rights and interests, in Peruvian and international law and policy.


We are grateful for the funds we receive from a variety of international funders and individual donors, and would also like to thank the different businesses who have donated software and equipment to our work. Help our work through a donation and find out who our supporters are.