The Achuar of the River Corrientes

The Achuar are a Jivaro speaking people living in Northern Peru and Ecuador. The Achuar of the rivers Corrientes and Tigre have experienced over 30 years of petrol exploitation on their lands, first by Occidental Petroleum and State owned Petroperu, and since 1986 by Pluspetrol who bought the rights to Lot 1AB and Lot 8.

The Achuar communities, represented by their federation FECONACO, have seen their territory turned into an oil field, with over 150 wells and over 1000 km of roads and pipeline constructed. The communities now depend, for many items and services, on the company Pluspetrol, due to the contamination of their water sources, the depletion and poisoning of wildlife, and social changes catalysed by the presence of the company.

The little land in this area not affected by the last 30 years of exploitation has recently been concessioned as new lots: Lots 101 and 1004 signed in 2005 to Occidental and Burlington.

Photo: The Achuar's territory has been contaminated by over 30 years of petrol exploitation. Crude oil spills and dumping of toxic waste is common.