Where we work

Our work is based on fieldwork in indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Every indigenous people we work with has their own language, customs, beliefs and they each face different challenges and threats. However they are all alike in depending upon their territory and the resources found there for the majority of their subsistence needs (hunting, fishing, gathering forest products and growing garden produce).

The Achuar, Pastaza
In the headwaters of the great Pastaza river, on the border with Ecuador, live the Achuar, a proud people with a beautiful and extensive territory.

The Achuar, Corrientes
Thirty years of petrol exploitation have left the river Corrientes and its tributaries, upon which the Achuar depend, polluted and poisoned.

The Nahua
Despite a traumatic history of epidemics and logging invasions, the Nahua retain a joie de vivre and spontaneity in all their actions.

The Nahua Kugapakori Reserve
A refuge for Nahua, Nanti, Machiguenga and Mashco Piro, yet threatened by illegal loggers and hydrocarbon activity.

The Machiguenga
The Lower Urubamba, home to both the Machiguenga and huge deposits of natural gas is faling prey to the 21st century greed for energy.

Only an hour away from Lima by plane, the jungle is much further away in the minds and actions of the Limeñan public and Peruvian State.