Lima is home to the heads of all government departments and ministries that carry out projects or policies affecting Amazonian indigenous people. These include the Ministry of Agriculture, INRENA (the forestry authority), PETT (in charge of titling communities), the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health, the Government Ombudsman and INDEPA (Indigenous Peoples Institute).

There is a widespread lack of communication and sharing of information between the different government bodies that leads to serious problems on the ground (eg, forestry concessions overlapping isolated peoples reserves due to poor communication and lack of common maps).

Lima is also home to the National indigenous federation AIDESEP which represents the majority of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and communities, carrying out capacitation, investigation, political lobbying and campaign work.

Many of the non-governmental organisations which work on indigenous rights or other Amazonian related issues (conservation, development, education) are also based in Lima.

Photo: The Nahua at a press conference in the national Congress, Shinai